Bloom Organic Rose Geranium Room Mist

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Size: 100ml, Material: Plastic Bottle


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This lovely multi-tasking mood-boosting aromatherapy mist by Nathalie Bond Organic instantly refreshes any room with a blend of organic essential oils. Contains rose geranium, lavender and patchouli. Spritz pillows to help calm the mind as you drift to sleep. Separation is natural; shake well before use. 100% natural ingredients. Shake well before use and mist generously into the air, Just before bed, spritz mist over your bed and pillowcase from a distance of at least 30cm to allow for maximum scent dispersal, Allow the fragrance to settle for a minute before you get into bed and drift away. Please do not spray directly onto fabrics or surfaces as they may become marked and do not spray near food and drink, Do not spray directly onto face, children or broken skin, This product contains a small amount of organic alcohol so do not use around naked flames, Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight, Please keep out of the reach of children, May cause skin irritation. Once opened please use within six months.