Liz King Alphabet Prints


Size: A4, Material: Paper

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A beautiful piece of art by South East London artist, Liz King. Using a unique pencil and tape collage design, this would make the perfect addition to a child’s bedroom or playroom.

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A for An Amazing Aardvark, B for Bashful Badger, C for Creative Cockatoo, D for Daring Duck, E for Energetic Elephant, F for Fantastic Flamingo, G for Graceful Giraffe, H for Happy Heron, I for Intriguing Iguana, J for Jubilant Jaguar, K for Keen Kangaroo, L for Lovely Llama, M for Marvellous Moose, N for Noisy Newt, O for Optimistic Oranagutan, P for Patient Panda, Q for Quality Quokka, R for Rambling Raccoon, S for Serious Seagull, T for Terrific Tiger, U for Umbrella Bird, V for Velvety Velvet Monkey, W for Wise Walrus, X for Xray Fish, Y for Youthful Yak, Z for Zestful Zebra