Alphabet Prints By Liz King


Size: A4

Materials: Paper


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We love the way artwork can really add a sense of uniqueness to a room. These beautiful pieces of art by South East London based artist, Liz King, featuring animals from around the world really bridge the gap between adult tastes and children’s room decor. Children will love seeing the amazing animal that starts with the same letter as their own name! Using a unique pencil and tape collage design, this would make the perfect addition to a child’s bedroom or playroom. One of these prints would equally make a fantastic and original Birthday or Christening present.


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A for Amazing Aardvark, B for Bashful Badger, C for Creative Cockatoo, D for Daring Duck, E for Elegant Elephant, F for Fantastic Flamingo, G for Graceful Giraffe, H for Happy Heron, I for Intriguing Iguana, J for Jubilant Jaguar, K for Keen Kangaroo, L for Lovely Llama, M for Marvellous Moose, N for Noisy Newt, O for Optimistic Orangutan, P for Patient Panda, Q for Quality Quokka, R for Rambling Raccoon, S for Serious Seagull, S for Super Swan, T for Terrific Tiger, U for Unbelievable Umbrella Bird, V for Velvety Monkey, W for Wise Walrus, X for X-ray Fish, Y for Youthful Yak, Z for Zestful Zebra